Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehab

Welcome to Our Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Therapy Program!

We're excited to introduce this new, specialized outpatient program to the Fayetteville area. Physical and Occupational therapy has a multifaceted approach to healthcare. This approach allows clinicians to work in many specialty areas, such as cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness. However, when realizing that the needs of these patient populations were not being met by general treatment approaches, RDL Therapeutic Outpatient Therapy Health & Wellness designed a rehabilitation program intended to concentrate on cardiovascular and pulmonary system, pathology of cardiovascular/pulmonary disease, common risk factors, medical interventions, precautions and specific treatment interventions that will focus on improving heart and lung conditions.

Most of the physical therapy clinics in the area have standard treatment techniques. Unspecialized therapy clinics tend to focus on a variety of symptoms the patient is experiencing instead of targeting their cardiovascular and pulmonary health needs.

RDL Therapeutic Outpatient Therapy, Health & Wellness has a specialized program, "Breath and Beats," that will focus on both heart and lung health by utilizing techniques designed to improve cardiovascular and pulmonary functions.

What Does the Cardiovascular Therapy Program Involve?

  • Low to intermediate exercise training
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
  • EKG monitoring during physical activity
  • Education specific to heart disease
  • Optimize cardiac conditioning
  • Improve strength and endurance
  • Stress management strategies

Breaths to Beats phases are medically supervised and individually tailored programs that consist of exercise and education to increase the overall quality of life.

Phase I

Heart Vibes: The purpose of this phase is to initiate risk factor education, initiate self-care activities, minimize deconditioning, and prepare the patient for continued therapy for life after a cardiac event.

Phase II

Iron-Willed Hearts: The purpose of this phase is to increase exercise capacity and cardiac function, and progress to an independent exercise program.

Phase III

Guiding Hearts to Home: The purpose of this phase is to maintain/increase independence with fitness level, which was achieved in Phase II.

What Are the Goals of the Pulmonary Therapy Program

  • Prevent airway obstruction
  • Improve airway clearance, cough effectiveness, and ventilation
  • Improve endurance, general exercise tolerance, and overall well-being
  • Reduce energy costs during respiration
  • Prevent or correct postural deformities associated with pulmonary disorders
  • Maintain or improve chest mobility
  • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

Cardiovascular Pulmonary Therapy Program Disciplinaries include:

  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Counseling Services

In RDL's rehab setting, we will manage patients with acute or chronic primary or secondary cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders. Now that we have a better understanding of our approach, let our Team provide you with effective care and promote recovery of functions to you or your loved ones.

For more information, contact us at Fayetteville, NC center.

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