5 Ways Athletes Can Benefit From Therapeutic Massage

If you are an athlete, you already know that you’ve got to maintain optimal health if you want to keep playing the sport you love. Participating in a treatment plan with an experienced physical therapist is a big part of that, especially when you’re recovering from an injury. Therapeutic massage is one of the main parts of a good physical therapy regimen following an injury. There are several ways that therapeutic massage can benefit an athlete, including, but not limited to:

1.Relaxed muscles.

While muscle relaxation is the best-known benefit of massage, it takes on a whole new importance for an athlete. Muscle pain, soreness, and tightness are all things that you expect as an athlete — but the good news is that you can greatly decrease these issues with regular therapeutic massage. Even after you’ve completed a physical therapy program following an injury, you could still benefit from regular massages with your physical therapist.

2.Immune system improvement.

Sickness can be extra hard on athletes. Just one bad cold or flu can keep you out away from the sport you love for weeks — and you might not feel your best for quite some time after that, as well. Fortunately, massage helps boost your immune system’s natural defenses. During a massage, your body is prompted to power up its natural cytotoxic capacity, which means your immune system will be able to fight off illness, germs, and bacteria more effectively.

3.Increased circulation.

Regular massage during your physical therapy program can considerably improve your circulation. Better circulation means that your muscles get the blood supply needed in order to prevent stiffness and tension. Your muscles will work and feel better after a therapeutic massage.

4.Posture improvement.

When coupled with other kinds of physical therapy, massage can do a lot of good for your posture. Massage helps bring your body into an optimal place of alignment, which can naturally improve your posture. Better posture has multiple benefits for athletes. When you maintain a proper posture, your body can move at its peak at all times — which means you’ll be playing your sport with a bit of a natural advantage built in.

5.Decreased scar tissue.

When you’re injured, your body forms adhesions around the injury, which are bands of tough scar tissue. These adhesions can cause serious pain, restrict your movement, and delay your recovery for a lengthy amount of time if they are not treated. A therapeutic massage can efficiently deal with those adhesions. Your physical therapist can use specific targeted techniques to unbind your muscles and break up the adhesions. This is an important component of your physical therapy program because being adhesion-free is essential for both pain relief and for your range of motion.

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As an athlete, your body needs to be in its best condition at all times. Because of this, it is in your best interest to recover from an injury with the help of a physical therapy program designed by an expert physical therapist. Additionally, it is also important to recognize the importance of health maintenance. Even something as simple as a therapeutic massage once or twice a month can help you feel like you’re at your best, which means you’ll be able to consistently perform at your peak performance.

If you’re looking for noninvasive solutions for pain and injury, or if you just want to be the best athlete you can be, contact RDL PT today to get started on a plan that will help you achieve your optimum physical performance.


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