ACL Injury Prevention Program

For the past two decades, ACL injury prevention programs have been a strong focus in the field of sports medicine. Various programs have been created as a way to encourage and promote proper techniques for athletes who may be at high risk of sustaining an ACL injury. ACL prevention programs include targeted exercises that address muscle strengthening, muscle recruitment patterns, landing and deceleration patterns, proprioception, and plyometrics.

Most ACL injury prevention program sessions last approximately 20-30 minutes, making it very easy to incorporate into a practice setting. If you are an athlete, you should strongly consider participating in an ACL injury prevention program due to the overwhelmingly positive statistical evidence supporting their effectiveness.

In a study examining the effect of ACL injury prevention programs, female athletes demonstrated a reduced ACL injury risk of 52% after incorporating the program into their fitness regimens. Even better, male athletes demonstrated a reduced ACL injury risk of 85% after incorporating the program into their fitness regimens. With the odds so good, why not start your prevention regimen today?!

ACL prevention programs have been proven to work, helping athletes not only while they are on the field but also while they are training. Our Fayetteville physical therapy practice is dedicated to helping athletes recover from ACL injuries, in addition to preventing further injury in the future. If you are interested in our ACL injury prevention program, contact RDL Therapeutic Outpatient Therapy, Health & Wellness today to find out how it can benefit you. Our dedicated physical therapists will get you started on your journey to reaching your optimum physical function! For more information, contact us at Fayetteville, NC center.

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